Rack of Lamb

It is true, I am a lamb fiend, I just love it and would happily eat it all day long. This is a quick and easy special occasion meal that keeps my husband smiling 🙂 The ingredients below are to serve 2 but you can easily scale it up. I cannot express how much easier you life will be if you invest in a good meat thermometer, it is my saviour.

Rack of lamb with port sauce sweet pot mash and beans


1 Rack of lamb
1 Rosemary sprig
1 Pack of Trimmed Green Beans
3-4 Sweet Potatoes
1 Shallot, small diced
200ml of Port (you can use red wine instead if you prefer)
100ml of lamb or beef stock


If it hasn’t been done by your butcher, score the fat on the lamb in a diamond shape, put on a little oil and add salt and pepper. Just under the fat but above the rack bones, cut a small slit the entire length of the lamb. Season this well and add the Rosemary sprig into the gap. Fry the rack on a high heat for a few minutes to maximise the flavour then put it in the oven, around 180 degrees for a fan oven. Check it with your meat thermometer after about 15-20 minutes. And make sure you factor in 5-10 minutes resting time, just wrap it in a little foil and set aside.

Meanwhile, peel your sweet potatoes and steam them in a bamboo steamer (or boil them) for around 15 minutes, they’ll be done when a knife goes straight through them easily. Drain them well and then mash them, add salt and pepper and a little butter and/or cream if you want extra richness

To make the sauce cook your shallot in a small amount of butter for a few minutes to soften it, then pour in the port (red wine or Marsala would work too). Let this bubble and reduce for about 10 minutes and then pour in the stock. Again let it cook down a little. If you want your sauce to be thicker, you can mix 1 tbsp of cornflour with 2 tbsp of warm water and then pour it into the sauce. You can also pour in the juices from the rested meat for added flavour.

Cook your green beans according to the packet instructions and voilĂ ! You are ready to serve!

Try this recipe out and let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below. Happy cooking!

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