Salted Chocolate Fudge

Not sure I really need to do any work to sell this one…! The guys at work polish these off in minutes when I bring them in.

400g Dark Chocolate – broken into pieces
1/2 tsp Maldon Sea Salt
394g Condensed Milk
200g Butter


Line a square tin with grease-proof paper and butter the sides.

On a low heat, melt all the ingredients except for the sea salt together. stirring regularly.

Once its all nicely melted, sprinkle in the sea salt and beat it really well with a wooden spoon or a balloon whisk. Taste it to see if it needs any more salt.

Pour into the square tin and refrigerate for 2 hours. Once set, remove from the tin and cut into small squares. Et voila! Its done!

You can go to town with flavours, replace the salt with vanilla or chilli flakes or some salted or plain nuts and raisins. Enjoy and please post how you get on with making it!

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