A statement on snacking 

I’m a habitual picker, grazer, snacker. If it’s lying around and in my vicinity it won’t be there for long! So I’ve had to make sure I’m much more prepared now with my own ‘clean’ snacks to take my attention away from any potential unclean options. 

This week I tried making sweet potato crisps. I’m not a big crisp eater but every Sunday we have a routine of eating brunch, then a big late lunch and only fancying something light come dinner time, cue the opportunity to eat crisps and catch up on Scandal on Sky Atlantic 😜

There are only 4 ingredients needed but a little bit of patience is required 

First switch your oven on to 140 degrees (fan assisted). Then take one sweet potato and slice it in to rounds as thin as you dare. 

Heat a tablespoon of coconut oil in the oven on a foil lined baking sheet. Once the oil had melted, sprinkle over some paprika and sea salt and add the sweet potato slices, toss around in the oil/salt/paprika mix then put it in the oven for one hour. 

You should turn them over half way through. Leave them to cool and crisp up on the baking tray and serve – voilà- an easy Sunday night snack that is clean eating and will satisfy your ‘hold-on-to-the-weekend’ needs. 


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